mundane transcendence

This paragraph, by William Connolly, gets at a lot of my recent thinking on spirituality:

Can those who confess mundane transcendence sink into the experience of duration? Yes. You do so by dwelling in a fecund moment to see whether something new and pertinent blooms forth through you, particularly when you encounter suffering or difficulties for which an established code of divinity, rights, morality and identity has not adequately prepared us. If, as the layered past communicates with a new encounter, you help to usher something new into the world, it will filter through the experience of duration; it will be touched by the sensibility you bring to the moment of dwelling; and it will later be influenced by the intelligence you bring to bear as you modify it in relation to established codes, principles, understandings and creeds.

What Connolly is saying about what is to be done with the moments of duration resonates with me. I’m less certain about how to identify those moments, and what sort of epistemic authority they’re supposed to have. The content of these reservations make me hesitant to apply the term “transcendence” to my own spiritual views. But I think I’m getting closer to being able to articulate what those views are, and what specifically I am unsure of with regards to my own formulations.


~ by staticandme on January 20, 2009.

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