and its Pride month at Carleton

A few posts pack, when I was railing about the manifold idiocies of a certain ecclesiastical windbag, I noted that I do not like to post on current affairs when I can only contribute my outrage. I have absolutely no such reservations about discussing current affairs when I bring only my pride. It’s rare enough that I find anything to celebrate in the headlines.

On the front page of the New York Times: Vermont legislature overrides Governor Jim Douglas’ veto, making it the first state to legalize same-sex marriage via legislature.

On the front page of DC recognizes same-sex marriage rights via assembly. The outmoded colonial governance of DC by the federal legislature may yet stamp out this victory, but for now, the council has spoken unanimously that same-sex couples ought to have their marriages recognized in the district.

And further: Legislators across the northeast, perhaps inspired by the news from Vermont and Iowa, are moving forward with same-sex marriage rights. “New York, New Jersey, Maine and New Hampshire are among the states where such proposals have gained legislative support in recent months.”

I remember an acute moment of despair, from election night, when the campus was consumed with joy, but my friend, a lesbian, and myself read the news from California and wondered what chance there could be for our equality if even that state could fail to protect us. I think the sense of loss was amplified in its contrast with the ebullience of the night: it seemed like the whole nation was making a phenomenal leap, but in doing so had left us behind, that the new democratic vision still could not contain us.

But some days you can feel the world turning forward.


~ by staticandme on April 8, 2009.

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