lost Ipod reflections

1) When I work out now, I am the mercy of the DJs. On Wednesday I was lifting weights and “I Would Die 4 U” from Purple Rain came on and it struck me that, proto-AIM speak aside, that’s a horrible lyric but Prince makes it sound compelling. Lyrically the song describes a romantic love that becomes messianic, “Im not a woman/Im not a man/I am something that youll never understand.” “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” from Sign ‘o’ the Times also depicts Prince as frustrated by the inadequacy of being merely male and trying to express love.

2)  I am buying a new nano, and deciding on a color. I like how the oranges and yellows look, but my taste in music is not orange or yellow. It sounds like a deep color more than a bright color, so I’m inclined to buy purple. My first ipod was blue.

3) I would also like to engrave a quote. Here I’m inclined to repeat because the quote on the previous Ipod comes from “Shine a Light” which is a personal icon. “Make every song you sing your favorite tune” was the line I used, and I can’t think of anything better.

Because I’m taking a class on Gothic novels and a class on Transcendentalism I’ve been in kind of a Romantic mood.  Fortchoming: what I like about the young Emerson, what I find incredibly Romantic about the music of the Hold Steady.


~ by staticandme on April 11, 2009.

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